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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

It's gonna be a good life

New Year, new life
After been struggling for 2 years long. I decided to move into KL stay with my love one.
Yes, finally. Should I glad on it?

I have no idea on it. Previously, I tend to be whine frequently due to just may met up my boy once a month.
When it comes to say goodbye, the feeling was awful.
I hate it.

Distance love was killing me inside. Everyday, We still greet in morning & able pillow talked at night, through phone.

We had so much to say between 330km miles away.
Counting the day was going to meet up  is my daily task.

Distance love was growth me up cause “Distance means so little when someone means so much”.
I set up this phrase as my what apps status in order I may read this when I felt alone.
I couldn’t get a hug while I need him cuddle as well.
I couldn’t see his smile while I share my stupid story with him.
I need to be independent when something happen should be solve instantly.
I wave my tears away with my soft palm while I overwhelmed and he whisper in my ear encourage me be strong.
We are the perfect couple, we're just not in the perfect situation.

Eventually, it is come to the end at least we could remain 0 distance to each other after this.
We could pillow fight replace with pillow talked at night.
He may comb my messy hair and listen to my clumsy story again and again.
My what apps status may change to “If you promise to stay, I promise to never leave.”.
Sounds great isn’t it?

Unfortunately, nothing is perfect.
I had to give up my family, friends, food, pillow, car’s, everything that I had been gain sweetness memory in this beautiful island, dump it behind moving forward.
I know I will be missing everything in here, in future reminiscing back would made my tears fall.
Somehow, when people’s growth up, mature thinking cross apart.
I’ll felt awful to leave now cause realize that I did not pay much attention to my parents.
They growth me up, make sure the best thing I ever had.
By my side, from I learned to crawl, walked, run, fall, stood up once again.
They’re my sunshine bright my world cause they knew I fear in dark.

Finally, they let me go to develop my future which 330km far away from them.
I may felt their heartache and sadness to letting go.
I’m counting up how to make them felt my love beside satisfy every needs they want?
I told my boy please do allow me back to hometown once a month to accompanies my family members , cause I will be cried like baby when they’re not around.
And what’s now? The day is getting closer and my heart was feeling reluctantly .

Sigh, the day go on… I need to cope with this.
Settle down… welcome my new life, my life , my choice.
I knew I can handle it .

Cheers world!